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Hero Honda full story

Informations about Motorbikes of Bajaj, TVS, Hero Honda, Honda, Yamaha and others. All bikes withing Pulsar, Discover, Apache, Flame, Hunk, CBZ, CBR, TZR, Unicorn, Glamour, Splendor and many more.

Welcome to motorbikes world. You can get information about all,

motor bicycles technical informations
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of all brands of motor cycles in sri lanka including Bajaj, TVS, Hero Honda,
Loncing, Ceygra, Kinetic and more….

Harley-Davidson unveils 2014 models

Harley-Davidson unveils 2014 models

Harley Davidson has rocked its competition with a clear statement of intent with the announcement of a line-up of new motorbikes landing in 2014 at a dealer meeting in Denver.

The unveiling is said to be the biggest new model launch in Harley Davidson's 110-year history.

The new range spawned from Harley's broad product-development program dubbed 'Project
Rushmore' which aims to improve the riding experience in its touring family models based on customer comments and feedback

හීරෝ-හොන්ඩා සමාගම දෙකඩ වෙයි.

Honda හවුලෙන් ඉවත්වෙයි. බයික් වල අනාගතය?

Hero MotoCorp's new Logoඉන්දියාවේ මෙන්ම ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ද ඉමහත් ජනප්‍රියත්වයක් හිමි Hero Honda බයික් නිපදවනු ලබන Hero Honda සමාගමේ දෙකඩ වීම පසුගිය දිනවල ඉමහත් ජනප්‍රියත්වයක් උසුලන ලද මාතෘකාවක් විය. කෙසේ වෙතත් ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ බහුතරයක් තවමත් මෙම පුවත අසා නැතුවාට කිසිදු සැකයක් නොමැත. එයට හේතුව ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ මාධ්‍ය මෙම පුවතට සැලකිය යුතු අවදානයක් යොමු නොකිරීමය. ශ්‍රී ලංකාව තුළ විශාල ජනප්‍රියත්වයක් මෙන්ම අළෙවියක් ද හිමි බයිසිකලයක් වන හීරෝ හොන්ඩා හි මව් ආයතනය දෙකඩ වීම සුළු කොට තැකිය නොහැක්කේ එමගින් එහි පාරිභෝගිකයන්ට වන බලපෑම ගැන යම් කිසි තක්සේරුවක් හා දැනුවත් කිරීමක් අත්‍යාවශ්‍යම බැවිනි.

කෙසේ උවද මෙම ගැටළුවේ පසුතලය සුපරික්ෂාකාරීව සොයා බැලීමේදී අපහට පෙනී ගියේ මෙම වෙන්වීම පිළිබඳ කිසිදු බියක් හෝ තැතිගැන්මක් හෝ ඇති කර නොගත යුතු බවය.

Hero MotoCorp's new website launched

Hero MotoCorp's new website launchedHero Motocorp launched their brand new website The new website is really a more attractive website with all new web trends including huge optimized images.

They have put a new section named 'biking tips' to give some 'must read' information to bikers.

Hero has given us a good answer to our previous post that we mention their site was 90's.

Read previous post

ZERO XU, The Electric Street Motorcycle, For 2011

ZERO XU, The Electric Street Motorcycle, For 2011Note: not yet in Sri Lanka

Another electric motorcycle.

The Zero XU is an innovative, lightweight, electric motorcycle that blends industry leading technology, performance and practicality to deliver the ultimate urban-crosser. A low seat height, no-shift operation, removable power pack and optional onboard storage allow riders of all kinds to negotiate the city with a new kind of freedom.

Ride the way you want. Twist the throttle, relax and leisurely wind your way from one destination to the next. Or…hop curbs, fly around corners and cut through traffic.

ZERO S, The Electric Street Motorcycle

ZERO S, The Electric street MotorcycleNote: not yet in Sri Lanka

Believe me, this is an electric bike.

Imagine instant torque and power from a standstill. Imagine smooth acceleration as you race out of turns. Then, imagine never needing to stop at the gas station.

Developed to aggressively take on urban environments and encourage the occasional detour, the Zero S integrates revolutionary technology with innovative motorcycle design. Using Zero Motorcycles’ proprietary Z-Force™ power pack and aircraft grade alloy frame, the Zero S features an industry leading power-to-weight ratio that increases its range and maneuverability.

Hero MotoCorp's new Logo

Hero MotoCorp's new LogoHero MotoCorp officially unveiled its new corporate identity / logo at a glitterting function at London. Also unveiled new company anthem composed by A.R. Rehman, as part of a new brand identity.

A long list of Indian and International celebrities attended the function. The company also showcased two products - a 150cc motorcycle Impulse and a 110cc scooter Maestro. Bollywood star Ranvir Kapoor faced for Hero Moto instead of Hrithik. (Seems he missed cap at tornado)

Hero Honda is now Hero MotoCorp

Joint venture with Honda of Japan has terminated

Hero Honda is now Hero MotoCorpIndia's leading motorbike company Hero Honda Motors today officially announced their new company name "Hero MotoCorp". Hero Honda's official website "" also now redirecting to the newest domain name "" which is most suitable with their new company name. A a big banner in home page of their 90 century looking website says "Hero Honda is now Hero MotoCorp" & logo area is keeping empty. (Hero Motocorp has not released their logo.)

Piaggio MP3 YOUrban 125

Piaggio MP3 YOUrban 125
Note: Not Yet In Sri Lanka

With the Mp3 Yourban, Piaggio's revolutionary three-wheeled scooter range broadens its appeal even further, bringing all the advantages of the Mp3 family's advanced technology within reach of everyone in a compact scooter with essential styling that is agile, nimble and ideal for carving through city traffic.

The 125 cc engine is equipped with electronic injection and adopts an E.C.S. (Electric Cooling System) water cooling system which guarantees lower energy absorption and therefore better fuel economy.

Kawasaki recalling Ninja ZX-10R

Potential problem with the Ninja ZX-10R’s wiring harness

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

Kawasaki is recalling all units of the 2011 Ninja ZX-10R due to a potential problem with the it's wiring harness.

All registered owners are currently being contacted to arrange repairs of both ABS and non-ABS models. The firm claims inspection and repairs should take no longer than twenty minutes.

"It has been observed that on some machines, the main harness can rub against the rear of the frame and, in extreme circumstances, cause damage to the loom.

Third Honda motorcycle production plant in Vietnam

With annual capacity of 500,000 units

Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. (HVN), a Honda motorcycle and automobile sales and production joint venture in Vietnam, announced plans to build a third motorcycle production plant in Vietnam and this will expand their total annual production capacity by 500,000 units to accommodate consistent and rapidly growing demand of the motorcycle market in Vietnam.

ORPHIRO the economical, electric cruiser motorcycle

Just like a Harley, without obnoxiously loud

OPHIRO, the electric motorcycleElectric motorcycle specialist, Dutch company "ORPHIRO" has given a new era for the electric motorcycle. ORPHIRO's OPHIRO is a fully electric powered cruiser looking bike With an enormous acceleration power a a lovely cruising speed and a range that covers all work-living distances easily.
ORPHIRO, The Electric Motorcycle Craftmen, plans to release its sleek electric motorcycle 'OPHIRO' later this year, but don’t

Bajaj Boxer 150 CC, is to launch in India

Bajaj Boxer 150 cc, The much awaited Bajaj bike is set to launch Indian market next month. The bike initially referred as 'Bharat Bike' would play an important role in it's segment.

The Bajaj Boxer was previously the flagship bike model, launched in 1997. It created a big hype in the market due to its durability and performance but the production was discontinued in the year 2004. It was available in two variants Bajaj Boxer AT and Bajaj Boxer Deluxe.

Motorbike Maintenance Tips

Some bits of maintenance advice on lubrication.

Bikes are machines. They are giving problems unless we treat them on time. That's why we should meet the motorcycle service dealer within 2500km - 3000km (this is depend on manufacturer). Most people cannot get a time to visit their service dealer, because it's a time wasting job. Result is motorbikes getting junk. Lots of noises & Poor performance. So we decided to give you some soft instruction to maintain your motorbike yourself until you visit your motorbike service dealer.

Bajaj to Launch New Pulsar.

Bajaj Auto is set to launch a brand new version of Pulsar, its flagship offering in the premium segment, by the last quarter of this year. Also Bajaj will launch a new pulsar with cosmetic changes in August this year.

LANKA IOC පෙට්‍රල් ගැන ඊමේල් එකක්..

අමුතුම ඊමේල් එකක්. LANKA IOC එකෙන් පෙට්‍රල් ගහනන් එපාලු. ඇත්ත නැත්ත දන්නෙ නැහැ. කෝකටත් හොයල බලන එක හොඳයිනේ. විස්තරේ කෙටියෙන් මෙහෙමයිලු.

මචන් LANKA IOC එකෙන් පෙට්‍රල් ගහන්න එපා.....

මම ඊයෙ රැ බොරැල්ලෙ IOC එකෙන් පෙට්‍රල් ගැහුවා.
saturday 2011 -june - 25 @ 9.00 pm.

මම ටික දුරක් යනකොට දැනුනා වාහනේ මිස් කරන්න වගෙ. එන්ජින් සද්දෙත් වෙනස්, පස්සෙ මම අද උදේ මිකැනික් කෙනෙක් ට පෙන්නුව. මෑන් ස්ටාට් කරපු ගමන් කිවුවා මේකට ඩීසල් කලවම් වෙලා කියලා..

TVS Wego 110CC

For Him. For Her.

TVS WEGO 11CCTVS Introducing the new TVS WEGO with body Balance technology that combines ergonomic design with a unique weight management system to ensure high maneuverability and stability under all road conditions. TVS WEGO is more a next generation bike for TVS Scooty which has improved number of areas to attract both ladies & gents.

Unlike other scooters that have a horizontal static stance, WEGO's design includes a forward inclined design stance to help shift rider's body balance to the front for better stability while riding.

පරිස්සමින් රිය පදවන්න - මේ පුංචි දේවල් හිතේ තියාගන්න

පුංචි උනාට මේවාම තමයි වැදගත් වෙන්නෙ


  • රියට නගින්න කලින් ගමන සැලසුම් කරගන්න. පිටත් විය යුතු වේලාව සහ යායුතු මාර්ග කලින්ම හිතාගන්න. හැකි පමණ මාර්ග තදබද, අයහපත් කාලගුණ සහ අනතුරු බහුල මාර්ග මගහැරයන්න.
  • ආසන පටි නිවැරදිව පැළඳගන්න. (එය සෑම විටම උරහිසට උඩින් හා ඉඟටිය හරහා යා යුතුය)
  • Motorbike එකක්නම් හිස් ආවරණය නිවැරදිව පළඳින්න.
  • වේග සීමාවන් නිවැරදිව හඳුනාගෙන රිය පදවන්න. අධික වේගය වගේම ඉතා මන්දගාමීව රිය පැදවීමත් අනාරක්ෂිත බව හොඳින් මතක තබාගන්න.
  • සෑම විටම අවධානයෙන් රියපදවන්න.

First KTM, Bajaj co-developed bike to launch in India

First KTM, Bajaj co-developed bike to launch in IndiaWel known Austrian sports bike maker KTM announced, it will launch its first jointly developed motorcycle with Bajaj Auto Ltd, in India at the Auto Expo to be held in the Dilhi early next year.

The company had already launched its first co-developed bike in Europe in March this year.

"During the Delhi Auto Expo next year, we will be launching the first 200-cc Duke bike in India, We expect to sell 25,000 to 30,000 units in India in the first year of launch. After one year, we will launch the 350-cc Duke in India." Cross Industries AG CEO and also the CEO of KTM Sportmotorcycle AG , Stefan Pierer, told reporters.

The bike will be produced at the Pune facility of Bajaj Auto, he added.

Now you can design your own dream motorbike

Wow! this is truly a brand new news. The customers can design their own bike specification including capacity, engine, stroke, aspiration, exhaus, frame type, swingarm & all other basics. Remember this existing fashion on some industries & world first in motorbike industry.

Bajaj Discover 125CC DTS-i

Bajaj Discover 125CC DTS-iBajaj Auto has launched the 125cc variant of its highly successful bike- the Discover. Also available in 100cc and 150cc variants, this new variant of Discover is aimed at giving the customer a balance of the economy and power of its siblings.

The bike retains the looks of Discover 100 and 150 but features new graphics and colour options to distinguish it from its stable mates. It’s 125cc DTSi engine delivers a maximum power of 11PS and 10.8Nm of torque and Bajaj claims it returns a mileage of 82kmpl. The bike weighs just 118.5 kg which gives it a decent power- to- weight ratio of 92.8Ps/ton. It also gets a 5-speed gearbox.

පරිස්සමින්! නීතිය තදයි!

කෙලින්ම උසාවිත් දානවලු

මේ දිනවල දිවයිනේ බොහෝ ප්‍රදේශ වල මාර්ග නීති තදින් ක්‍රියාත්මක වන බව ආරංචියි. මාර්ග නීති සැබැවින්ම කඩන අයට දැඩි දඬුවම් දෙන එකට අපිනම් අත් දෙකම උස්සල ආචාර කරනව. හැබැයි ඉතිං ඒ දැඩි නීතිය motorbikes වලට ඉතාමත්ම තදින් ක්‍රියාත්මක වෙන්නෙ ඇයි කියල නම් හිතාගන්න

Honda The New 2012 Gold Wing

American Honda Motor Company announced the first release of machines for the 2012 model year, the Gold Wing and FourTrax Foreman. These two 2012 models kick off the beginning of an exciting new season for Honda.

"This pair of 2012 new-model releases really illustrates the great diversity we have in styles of machinery for Honda customers," said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. "Both the Gold Wing and Foreman serve as the newest extensions of

Reasons for Accidents

  1. Recklessness of the Driver
  2. Negligent of the Driver
  3. Indiscipline driving
  4. Lack of knowledge
    i. Road Rules and regulations
    ii. Road conditions
    iii. Weather conditions
    iv. Conditions of the vehicle
    v. knowledge regarding apparatus, controls, equipments
  5. Human error

කවුද පාරෙ ඉරි අඳින්නේ

තනි ඉර කපන්න පුළුවන්ද

දෙකම කපන්න බැරිනම් ඇයි දෙකක්, එකක් ඇතිනෙ,

කෙටියෙන්ම කියනව නම් දෙකම කපන්න බැහැ තමයි. ඉරි දෙක හෝ තනි ඉර හෝ කපල ඔවර්ටේක් කරල පොලීසියට අහුවුනොත්නම් සොරිම තමයි.


මෝටර් බයික් විලාසිතාව

ඩෙනිමක් ගහගෙන බයික් එකේ නැගල කෙල්ලවත් දාගෙන හයියෙන් ගියාට කමක්නැහැ, ගැලපෙන බයික් එකේද යන්නෙ කියලත් ටිකක් විතර හිතල බලන්න. බයික් එක්ක ගන්න කලින් අපිට හිතන්න ගොඩක් දේවල් තියෙනවා.

ආර්ථික තත්වය, සමාජ තත්වය, රැකියා තත්වය, දිනකට සාමාන්‍යයෙන් ගමන් කිරීමට සිදුවන දුර වගේම තමන්ගේ ශරීර ‍සෞඛ්‍යය තත්වය ගැනත් සිතිය යුතුමයි.

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