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About Us is a community based developing website based on Sri Lanka. Our main audience are Sri Lankans, but visitors from all other countries are welcome. Currently we have large number of visitors from asian countries including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia & European countries.

How we collect data

Fans around the world send us details/news about motorbikes. We filtered them & publish the best.

Do you like to join with us

Their are number of areas you can support us to develop this website.

  • If you know about motorbikes, like to ride motorbikes, know about technical features of motorbikes then you have a very good chance to work with website.
  • If you feel their are fake details in this website or details are incorrect please let us know.
  • If you got a email, fresh news or any rare image relevant to a motorbike you can share it with us.
  • We still not allow visitors to create account or add comments on article. If you like login to site and add comments to articles please send us a email with your personal details (name, email...). We can create a account for you & allow you to manage it.

For further details please contact us via

Note: website is still on a developing stage. Even at a developing stage we are giving you a wide range of details & articles relevant to motorbikes. Help us to keep this up.


We have visitors, but don't know why they doesn't join with our facebook page.