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What is An Accident ?

  1. Accident is an undesired or unintended happening. Inevitable accident falls within the concept of ACT OF GOD OR DAMNUM FATALE OR AN Unfortunate harmful event, event without apparent cause unexpected occurring.
  2. A Motor Traffic Accident occurs on highway collision with Vehicles, persons or with property.
    What is a Vehicle (Vehicle is defined in section 240 of the Motor Traffic Act.)
    Vehicle includes bicycles, tricycles, motor vehicles, vehicles of every description, pedestrians, processions, and bodies of troops, and all animals being ridden, driven or led.
  3. An Accidents may occur
    i. between a vehicle and other vehicle.
    ii. Vehicle colliding with a person
    iii. Vehicle colliding with movable or unmovable property
    iv. When a Vehicle goes off the road
    v. A person being knocked down with another person.
    vi. Due to natural or man made disaster