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Reasons for Accidents

  1. Recklessness of the Driver
  2. Negligent of the Driver
  3. Indiscipline driving
  4. Lack of knowledge
    i. Road Rules and regulations
    ii. Road conditions
    iii. Weather conditions
    iv. Conditions of the vehicle
    v. knowledge regarding apparatus, controls, equipments
  5. Human error
  6. Fatigue or stress
  7. Road infrastructure defects.
  8. Not planning the trip.
  9. Duty poor health condition.
  10. Lack of driving experience and skills.
  11. Driving under the influence or alcohol.
  12. Failure to check power.
  13. A Speeding.
  14. Not wearing the safety belt.
  15. Pedestrians not following road rules.
  16. Jumping colour lights.
  17. Not knowing the meanings of the different road signs markings signals etc.
  18. Lack of skills driving during rains winds fog mist
  19. Failure to obey road rules and regulations
  20. Driving after taking medication.
  21. Trying to beet up time.
  22. Failure in respecting the rights of others.
  23. Failure in recognizing civic responsibility.
  24. Unsatisfactory enforcement by some Police officer
  25. Not keeping the proper distance.