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Recommendations to prevent accidents

  1. All road users to act with civic responsibility.
  2. To educate infants children high / junior school students / adults elderly people on traffic safety
  3. Safe driving programmes to be conducted to drivers / riders and also conductors to be educated on safety
  4. Road infrastructure defects to be identified and rectified by RDA, and all other stake holders
  5. Discipline driving method to be taught examine driving knowledge skills and also the knowledge of rules and regulations and medical fitness before issuance of driving and riding license
  6. Identified risk drivers and to cancel/ suspend / their licenses by judiciary or by demerits systems by the CMT
  7. To increase insurance premium of risk drivers
  8. Deterrent punishment for offenders committing fatal grievous and serious accidents
  9. Renewal of driving license every 3 years having rechecked the knowledge on rules and regulations health and driving skills and driving records.
  10. To include traffic road safety as a major in school curriculum
  11. To have special driving programmes for school leavers
    1. Advance traffic management and road safety centers on mobile for education / enforcement purpose on highways.
    2. Reflectors and other accessories to be fitted to peddle cyclists.
    3. Educate to wear reflective materials at night it increases the visibility of the driver in avoiding accidents.
    4. Use of modern technique
    5. Promotion drives to support elderly / young / novice drivers
    6. Practice courteous
    7. Improved enforcement by police and other agencies more moving violations to be detected.
    8. ublic transport systems to be improved and necessary recognition
    9. Black spots to be identified and remedial action