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Now you can design your own dream motorbike

Wow! this is truly a brand new news. The customers can design their own bike specification including capacity, engine, stroke, aspiration, exhaus, frame type, swingarm & all other basics. Remember this existing fashion on some industries & world first in motorbike industry.

Who handle this futuristic business.

A FLEDGLING British manufacturer is attempting to create a truly unique motorcycle company - one that allows riders to design their own bikes.

MO2OR, the new company hope contributions from potential customers to provide the specification of what would be their 'dream motorcycle', the specification with the most entries will eventually go into production.

Founder, Steve Pritchard: "This is a truly exciting project for MO2OR to start, we wanted to empower riders to come up with ideas for their next motorbike. We are a small group of passionate bikers, who feel the current range of motorbikes, lack customer input and are developed purely for profit.

The input stages will also see submissons from eager engineers to design the bike as part of a competition, with which riders will vote for the winner.

"We will begin with finding out what riders want from the basics, from engine capacity to suspension. At the end of September we will compile the data and have one motorbike with the majority of riders wishes to ride. This is just the beginning of what we want to achieve and we need motorbike riders from all experience levels to provide their input." concluded Pritchard.

All MO2OR bikes will go through this level of rider feedback and the company hopes to build upon a launch model with a range of products.

So think of your dream bike specification.

Unfortunately cannot imaging when will this opportunity reach to Sri Lankan bike lover (Even asia).